Welcome to Relatively Ambitious 2.0 (Beta)

Welcome to the next generation of my weblog!  This site looks pretty different from the old version.  It also has a new URL (jasontaylor.ath.cx).   I refer to this as a brand new site because it is.  The old site still exists at the old URL.  The most major difference between this and the previous version is that I switched to the WordPress blogging engine.  This means that somebody else is responsible for writing the code that manages posts, comments, and galleries.

I have been thinking about making this change for a while now.  I really enjoy managing my own site and I take pride in writing all of the code that generates the content, but it takes a lot of my time to add new features and I don’t have time to add all of the features that I want.  WordPress provides everything that I was planning to add to my site anyway.  In addition it provides an easy way to create themes that control the look and feel of the site.  I did not create the theme that this site uses, I borrowed someone else’s.

Using WordPress will allow me to focus on the content of my website instead or worrying about coding new features.  There thousands of third party plugins available that will allow me to extend my site without writing a single piece of code, and if I need something that isn’t already out there, I can write a plugin of my own.  I can also customize the theme that I’m using, download a new theme, or create my own.  WordPress offers me options that I just didn’t have before.

This site is considered a beta version.  I will no longer be updating version of this site, however I won’t be removing it either.  The news posts, comments, and galleries that were on the old site will not be moving to this one.  I will keep links to the old content and try to integrate it when possible.  All of the pages from the old site (About, Software, etc) will be migrating to this site over time.

As this site is a beta, expect it to change rapidly as I update content, find new plugins, and modify the style to suit my needs.  This is the next step that my website has needed and I hope you enjoy it!

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