Mac Museum

Current Stats

as of October 2020
Category Total Items
Macs 81
PCs 4
Apple IIs 2
Software 38
iPods 31
Tablets 10
Handhelds 30
Magazines 300
Books 20

Articles & Updates

Latest Additions Additional Articles
11.03.2020: My Mac Pro
10.25.2020: iPhone Pro Unboxing
10.20.2020: A Trip Down Memory Lane: iOS 6
10.13.2020: The iPhone 12
10.11.2020: My Snow iMac Adventure
10.10.2020: Excited for iPhone 12
10.08.2020: My Emulator Mac
09.27.2020: Xserve (Early 2008)
20″ iMac G4
Newton Messagepad 2000
Power Mac 6100/66 DOS Compatible
Flower Power iMac G3
Power Mac G5 (Late 2005)
Indigo iMac G3
Power Macintosh G4 w/ 17″ Apple Cinema Display
iBook G3
Power Mac G4 Cube
PowerBook G3 Kanga, Power Macintosh 7100, PowerBook 190cs, Titanium PowerBook G4, Macintosh LC, White iBook G3, Power Macintosh 8600
PowerBook 540c
PowerBook 3400c
PowerBook G3 Wallstreet
08.28.2022: Mac Museum New Additions: August 2022
08.12.2022: Resurrecting a Blue & White G3
06.02.2018: My iPad Collection
05.26.2018: Museum Minute: Evolution of iMac Setup Guides
30.11.2013: Mac Museum Additions – March 2013
02.16.2013: PowerBook Through the Years: The 1400 Series
01.06.2013: Mac Plus Resurrection
11.11.2012: PowerBook Through the Years: The 500 Series
10.07.2012: Mac Museum Hardware Update
09.13.2012: Mac Museum Mega Find – FREE Power Mac G4 w/ Display
08.19.2012: PowerBook Through the Years: The Duo Series – The second in a series of articles that chronicle the major designs of the PowerBook series
06.26.2012: PowerBook Through the Years: The 100 Series – The first in a series of articles that chronicle the major designs of the PowerBook series
01.15.2012: Smart eBaying
01.11.2012: The Wallstreet PowerBook G3: The Best PowerBook for the Mac Museum
01.01.2012: Macintosh External Floppy Drive Take-Apart

Hardware Collection

 Desktops & Towers
 PowerBooks & MacBooks

Software Collection

Mac OS Matrix – A list of all versions of the Mac OS that were available including OS version, code name, release date, major features, price, and interesting facts. Some versions link to detailed articles with screenshots.

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