Mac Museum Mega Find – FREE PowerMac G4 w/ Display

Every now and then you find a truly great deal and boy did I find one this week. I happened to be browsing through Craigslist on Wednesday when I spotted an ad for a free Mac and display. The person was moving out of the country and wanted to get rid of it quick. I inquired via text message and was told that someone was already on their way to pick it up. “Oh well,” I thought. About an hour later I got another text asking me for an ETA and then a phone call. The person got me confused and thought that I was the one that was on my way to pick it up. After a quick conversation, I once again thought that the whole thing was over. Until about 30 seconds later. Apparently the person who was “on their way” was no longer on their way and the Mac was mine for the taking.

We headed over to Hampton Falls right after work. It’s about 20-25 minutes away from Portsmouth so the drive wasn’t too bad. We found the house and picked up the Mac. The guy who was giving it away came out to help me – he was the tall, lanky type, looked like he needed a shower, maybe a graphic artist or something. Anyway, he said that he was leaving for Panama the next day and had to get rid of it. We loaded it into the car and headed back home.

I was pretty excited when I got home because it wasn’t just a PowerMac G4 (I’ve already got 3 of those), but it was also a 17″Apple Cinema LCD Display. That’s a good find because they usually sell for between $30 and $50. I actually already have a 15″ model but the stand is broken so it can’t stand up without being propped against something. Now I have a fully-functioning one. In addition to the display, it also came with a hard-to-find ADC to DVI adapter as well as the power supply from what looks to be a G4 Cube. A Cube power supply alone is worth $20 – $40 on eBay. Other than some stickers, dirt, and what looked like sticky soda all over the display, the equipment was in good condition and was already a great deal before I turned it on.

When I booted it up, I found even more great stuff. The Mac is a PowerMac G4, circa 2000, with a 500 MHz G4, 384 MB RAM, a 120 GB and 15 GB hard drive, a DVD-ROM drive, and a Zip drive. It was preloaded with a ton of music in iTunes, which I picked through. Most of it was stuff that I wouldn’t listen to, but I picked out some Moby, Beck, and Nirvana stuff. In addition to the stickers (which I will remove) there are also some serial number stickers affixed to one side. They have valid serial numbers for some of Apple’s pro apps such as Final Cut Pro, which will be nice to add to my collection.

After some initial clean up the system looks good. Everything works and I’ve now got a nice, clean Studio Display for my collection, an ADC to DVI adapter so that I can use the Studio Display with more than just a G4 Cube, and yet another G4 tower. Now that I have so many towers I can definitely unload a couple of them at a yard sale or on Craigslist. Certainly not bad for something that I found on Craigslist at the last minute.

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