Random Notes

  • The boys love watching the water pour out of the gutter on the garage. They think it is a faucet that we can turn on and off at will. They walk up to it, point at it, and look at us with those sad little eyes. Makes me wish I could turn on the rain. 
  • Zach slept in our bed with us for the first time in a year. No, I’m not saying that because I missed having him in bed with us taking up more space than us and the dogs combined, but because it truly hasn’t happened for so long. After we finally got Adam back to bed from his 11:30 scream fest Zach decided that he needed his turn. It only took a few minutes for him to lay in bed with Sally and he was out. I woke up this morning to him laying his head on Holly’s fur with his mouth open. It was cute. 
  • They are a parrots. Zach started first by repeating almost every sound we made. Now Adam does it too. They are starting to repeat not only words but phrases. Time to delete the explicit music off of my iPhone.
  • Adam likes to play in the recycle bin. He likes to take things out, walk them to the kitchen, and put them in our cabinets. So far I’ve found a plastic lettuce container and a bottle of spray butter.
  • Zach enjoys making spitting sounds. You know, the “pfffft”, “phlllllt”, and “pllluuuuuuhhh” noises. It sounds like someone is farting in our house all the time.
  • Adam is super excited to see us when we pick him up from day care. As soon as we walk in the door he drops everything and comes running to us. Except when he’s visiting another room. In that case he just ignores us and throws a tantrum when we try to take him away from all of his new toys. 
  • The boys love to crash into each other in their little push cars. They giggle and laugh so hard after impact. Front, side, back, it doesn’t matter. These kids love crashes. Better keep them off the road for a few more years.
  • Adam is very into puzzles. Not the traditional “put the kitty back together” puzzle, physical puzzles. He likes to play with the clips in his car seat, stroller, and shopping carts. He’s actually pretty good at closing them and luckily doesn’t know how to open them… yet. He also enjoys playing with Legos and some Canadian geometry blocks that we got at a fair a couple of years ago. 
  • Zach is a runner. Oh God. I took the boys to the mall and let them play in the “Kid Zone” near Macys (the women’s one, not the Men’s one… I don’t know why they have two.. anyway). Adam was fine running around inside the play area but Zach, he wanted to run outside of it. He walked up to the gaping opening and darted down the mall hallway laughing the whole way. I of course ran after him looking like that parent who can’t control his own kid. Meanwhile Adam decided to reorganize all of the shoes in the shoe rack. I dragged Zach back in and was greeted by some lady’s sandals. And while we’re on the topic, why the hell doesn’t a place designed to keep kids inside of it have a flippin’ gate?! What is with the giant, gaping hole? REALLY people?!
  • Adam is a little helper. He likes to pick up blankets and bring them to people, he likes to load the dishwasher, he likes to throw diapers over the gate and put them in the trash. He actually likes that one so much that day care told us that he likes to “smell” other people’s diapers. That’s not quite our goal when we tell him to throw his brother’s diaper over the gate…
  • The boys are little dancers, especially in the car. Give them the right song and they will sway back and forth, sometimes violently (Zach). We finally caught it on video and uploaded it to Facebook. It was a hit. 
  • Our baby dictionary is increasing. Recent additions are “up”, “no”, “brother”, “outside” (sometimes sounds like “all done” or “all gone”), “go!”, “GiGi”, “more”, “poop” (“pooooo P”), “num num”, “apple”, “tractor”.
  • Adam has found a treasure in one of my old watches. Almost every morning he follows me into the office when I get my keys and wallet out of my drawer. He reaches in and grabs one of my old silver watches, puts it on his arm, and happily parades it around the house. He always knows where it is and wears it proudly. If I’m lucky I can even get him to put it back all by himself. 
  • Zach owns every book in the house. Every one. It doesn’t matter if he has seventeen books in his lap, if he wants the book that you have, it’s his. He is generally very forgiving when Adam takes a toy away from him but the story is different with books. Don’t mess with this kid’s literature. 
  • Adam owns my wallet and Debit card. Every time we are out and I go to pay for something he squawks at me until I give him one or both of them. I don’t know why he’s so interested in them; he’s already getting all of my money…
  • Neither of the boys are that interested in television, except when Caspar Babypants videos are on. We watch them almost every day. They even have favorite videos – Butterfly Driving a Truck, Stompy the Bear, My Flea Has Dogs, and Baby Getting Up. And they love to dance to them. Zach also likes watching a PBS show called Calliou . It’s about a little boy and his adventures with his parents and sister. It’s not necessarily educational but it’s calm. Zach will sit on the floor or in your lap and just stare. Adam not so much. 

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