666 Park Avenue

Sally and I had a chance to catch up with our TiVo a bit yesterday. One of the things we watched was the pilot episode of 666 Park Avenue, which is a new ABC drama that runs on Sundays at 10 PM following Revenge (which we also watch). After seeing commercials for the show we decided to setup a season’s pass because it looked interesting and stars a few of the actors from some of other former ABC series such as Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Brothers & Sisters.

Terry O’Quinn (Lost) stars as the Gavin Doran, the owner of an upscale apartment building in New York City. He is a Real Estate mogul who lives in the 13th floor of the 666 Park Avenue building with his wife Olivia (Vanessa William, Desperate Housewives / Ugly Betty). Gavin has some connection to the underworld as he makes contracts with his tenants to give them fame, fortune, and other things in return for their souls. If a tenant doesn’t keep up their end of the bargain, they have to “settle up”.

Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) plays Henry Martin, a New York City attorney who moves into the building when he and his girlfriend (Rachael Taylor, Grey’s Anatomy) become co-managers of the building. This requires them to collect rent, perform maintenance, and make sure the building continues to function. As a perk, they get to live in one of the lavish apartments in the building for free. Throughout the first episode they begin building a relationship with the Dorans who shower them with gifts and fancy outings.

The show is dark and creepy, which is the point. Like Lost, which was essentially a drawn out adventure movie, 666 Park Avenue is a drawn out horror movie, and that’s a good thing. Instead of cramming an entire horror plot into a two-hour movie where there is no character development and everybody just dies, 666 Park Avenue can develop its characters and deliver the horror in a slow and suspenseful way. There have already been some creepy encounters including a “light flickering while creepy figure appears in the background” moment. Moments like this have certainly been done before but have had to be wrapped up quickly to move the plot along. In 666 Park Avenue these don’t need to be solved for episodes at a time.

The acting is great, with ABC veterans displaying believable chemistry and relationships. The writing and story line for the first episode was solid as well. All combined, this is a series that I’m going to watch. It’s nice to see actors from my favorite series working together on a show that is different. It’s not another cop, lawyer, or detective drama. It’s different. It’s kind of like the Walking Dead, but for horror movies instead of zombies. Me like.


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