Farewell Server

As a result of my new philosophy it’s finally time to decommission the 2006 MacBook Pro that has run my site for the past five years. It sat in or under my desk during that time and has gathered quite a bit of dust. Overall it’s been a fine machine but we’ve had our bumps along the way – randomly knocking it offline whenever I bumped the power cord, having the battery swell up and pop out of the case (hence the power cord issue), sitting on the floor trying to work with it because remote desktop never worked.

I shut it down on Friday and waited a couple of days to make sure nothing crazy happened. Unfortunately I realized that my WordPress import didn’t work quite as perfectly as possible – some of my images and links reference my now unavailable old site. Regardless, I’m not going to turn it back on; I’ll just fix the links that are broken (the advantage of having a site with very little traffic).

My server will retire in style as the newest member of my Mac Museum. In return I’ll get some extra space under my desk and free up an ethernet port and power outlet. Ah, progress.

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