Editing Photos

I’ve been on a rampage lately… organizing my photos.  I’ve been taking photos with a digital SLR since college.  I used to collect them in iPhoto, but I started using Adobe Lightroom last year.  I never really had any sort of organization to my photos – I would just download them into Lightroom and occasionally pick out the ones that I liked.  But I really didn’t have any way of identifying or categorizing the good ones.  I didn’t use tags or labels, never added comments, and never created albums.

I’ve been making an effort lately to treat my photos better and part of that involves finding my old photos and going through them.  I’m deleting the bad ones and the duplicates and adding keywords.  When I’m done, I’m going to create smart albums based on my keywords to help me find my best photos and put them on this site.  I just loaded 2008 and 2009 photos from iPhoto into Lightroom.  I finished going through 2008 and just started 2009.  I have a lot of photos.  I took 1600 in 2008 and 4200 in 2009.  I expect more in 2010.  It’s going to be a long process but I’m excited about getting a handle on my photos.  I want to find the best ones and show them to the world, whether it’s online or in my house!

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