Water Droplets!!!

Gizmodo has what they call Shooting Challenges every couple of weeks or so.  They post a description of a photographic topic or technique, rules, and a due date.  Readers take pictures and submit them. Gizmodo posts them and picks winners the next week.  Last week’s challenge was to photograph water droplets.  They provided some instructions and a tutorial.  The photos were due Sunday, so I missed the deadline, but I wanted to try the technique anyway.  Yesterday I took 600, yes six hundred RAW photos (16 GB of photos) in the cellar in the dark (the first time I’ve actually used my darkroom for anything. What you see below are the results.  Out of the 600 photos, only 200 were worth anything and these are my best!

One Reply to “Water Droplets!!!”

  1. I am so jealous! I need to do this project, so I can stop saying that these photos are mine! Great job Jason! So Proud of you!


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