Little Critters

We were at our friend’s house last weekend planting a memorial garden when this little baby squirrel hopped across the lawn out of nowhere.  He was very young, definitely a baby and definitely without his family.  He seemed too young to be afraid of humans so he did his best to integrate with us by hopping onto pant legs, crawling into purses, and climbing up baby carriages.  We tried to return him to his natural habitat several times but he just kept coming back.  It was as if he wanted to be with us.  I’ve never been this close to such a tame squirrel before so I just had to grab some pictures. Luckily I had my trusty 70 – 200mm lens with me to get some of the shots.

All of these photos are from the same day, but most are of Mr. Squirrel. I’m pretty happy with most of the images.  There are a few that could have benefitted from a higher shutter speed and better focus, but hey, I’d only had the lens for a week at this point.  Interestingly enough, the little squirrel seemed to have disappeared after the memorial was over. I guess he felt like he did his part and moved on.

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