Gaggles of Gooses

If you’ve ever driven down Borthwick Ave past the hospital you may have noticed the Liberty Mutual building that I work in.  You may have also noticed that it has quite a bit of nice landscaping around it. We have a large man-made pond wrapped by a walking path and two bridges.  There are trees, flowers, and bushes along the way and a bench every so often for you to sit on while taking in the two fountains in the center of the pond.  Our lush accommodations have caught the attention of a huge flock of geese that have been visiting us for years.  Last time I counted there were about 40 of them hanging out.  They like it so much that they have a litter of 10 or so chickadees every year to add to their ranks.  I’ve been lucky enough to capture photos of them over the past month that I’m really excited about. So without further ado, here are some gooses.

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