New Design Check In

So it’s obvious that I’ve applied a new design to my website. This one is called HighLight and it is the first theme that I’ve paid for. My other theme was a free one, and while it was pretty good, it was starting to wear on me. I originally wanted to go dark, but now I’m leaning toward lighter colors. The new theme includes a lot of options and is pretty easy to configure. This is by no means the final look of the theme – I’m still tweaking it, but I’m liking the format so far.

You may have noticed that the front page of the site looks different now.  The blog has been moved to its own page so that the front of the site can showcase my photo slideshow.  I like this better for newcomers.  It doesn’t really affect my posts that much as I tend to link directly to them. So in summary, I’m happy with my theme and it’s still a work in progress.  What do you think?

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