Family In Black & White

I haven’t taken photos in about two weeks.  I was out with a cold a couple of weeks ago and spent most of last week recovering from it.  I did however have a chance to take some photos before I got sick.  I was inspired by some black and whites from another photographer that I follow.  She photographs people in a documentary day-in-the life sort of style where she spends the day with them capturing the little moments, many of them in black and white.  Her photos are so crisp, the lighting so beautiful, with great black and white contrast.  Her name is Julie Harris and I really like her photography.

Anyway, I was inspired and decided to try the same.  I took some photos of Sally, the boys, and her mom on an evening walk through the neighborhood.  I focused on trying to capture the little moments.  All of the photos were shot in black and white, but since I shoot in RAW, they were actually just color photos that were converted in the camera.  When I loaded them into Lightroom they changed back to color and I had to re-convert them to black and white. Not quite the effect that I wanted, but they looked black and white when I took them so I at least had it in mind.  My lens isn’t quite as sharp as Julie’s, but it’s good enough to get some crisp focus on the subjects with a nicely blurred background.  Someday I’ll own a Canon lens with great bokeh, but for now my Tamron will have to do.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

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