The Mac Museum Has Moved

… To my basement! After allowing five Macs to pile up in the office and trip people, I finally decided to move them to what would eventually be their final home.  I lugged them down last night, cleaned up my darkroom, and set them up. I was able to get all but one of them off of the floor.  None of them are plugged in and they aren’t all configured.  So I can’t announce that I’m open for business yet. I’ve actually assembled quite a collection:

  • 3 Power Mac G4 Towers (one is dead, one needs work)
  • 1 Blue and White Power Macintosh G3 Tower
  • 2 Graphite iMac DV SEs (one has no sound)
  • 1 Ruby iMac DV
  • 1 Blueberry iMac Rev D
  • 1 eMac G4
  • 1 Power Macintosh G4 All In One (dead at the moment)
  • 1 PowerBook G4 (currently hosts this site)
  • 1 Macintosh SE/30
  • 1 PowerBook 170
  • 1 PowerBook G3 Lombard
  • 1 17″ Apple Studio Display
  • A bunch of keyboards and mice
Fifteen computers. Wow, that’s quite a collection for only two months of work! And I’ve got two more on the way (a Macintosh LC 500 series all in one and a PowerBook Duo 2300c).  I still have a lot of work to do cleaning them up and making sure that they all work.  Some of my duplicates will probably be donated or free cycled once I get everything setup.  But at least the office is clear.

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