The Mac Museum has an Original Macintosh!

So I went out to Dunbarton today to pick up the two classic Macs that I found on Craislist earlier this week.  The ad didn’t specify which models the were, but based on the pictures I thought I was getting a working Mac Plus and a non-working Mac 512k, circa 1986 and 1985.  The Macs came with software, manuals, a printer, and a modem for $50.  I wasn’t sure how many manuals it included or what software I’d get, but I was pretty excited.  After picking it up, I am simply floored.

I was right about the Mac Plus, with original keyboard, mouse, and external disk drive. It even has an extra meg of memory. But the 512k Mac was not a 512k Mac at all, it was a 128k original 1984 Macintosh! And it worked!  All I had to do was adjust the screen brightness.  Original Macs are actually worth a good deal – they go from anywhere between $500 and $2000 on eBay.  It included the original keyboard and mouse as well as the original software and instruction manuals – even a setup cassette tape! In addition to that I got a boxed copy of Mac Paint and Mac Write with manuals, an original ImageWriter printer with manuals, a humongous 14.4 modem, and a ton of software on floppy disk. For $50 bucks this was a steal!

I’ve only had a little bit of time to play with them so far, but both of the machines are really cool.  Neither have hard drives – they run solely off of floppy disks (hence the external drives).  I expected long boot up times, but they actually boot pretty fast, within 10 seconds or so from the happy Mac symbol to the desktop. The disks don’t hold much of course, but otherwise they work really well. There is a ton of software included that I still need to explore – everything from office applications to clipart to music.  The Macs came from Harvard so there is also a bunch of educational stuff on there.

I’m super excited to add these to my collection especially since they come with so many accessories.  To think, the woman who sold them to me had them under her desk for years!  I took some pictures to share – again, I’m very excited!

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