Taming Twins: Vegetables & Textures

The boys have been eating solid foods for a little over three months now. They started out simple with pureed vegetables and fruits and slowly worked their way up to table foods. We did things “correctly” and introduced them to vegetables first and fruits second, adding a new food every 3-4 days. Once we exhausted all of the available Stage 2 foods we tried a couple others that basically ended in failure and took a break. We rotated the boys’ repertoire of strained fruits and vegetables for about a month. We were waiting for the magic nine month mark to start the boys on meats so we had avoided any foods that contained meat in them. That limited our options so we decided, “hey, why not try table foods”.

Table foods were a hit – crackers, little pieces of chips, cereal bars, puffs, chicken (so much for the nine month rule), whole carrots, whole green beans. They were so successful that the boys decided they would refuse to eat any vegetable that wasn’t whole. Pureed fruits were still good. Ok, not a big deal. We started buying canned vegetables and cutting them up.   It was great… until Zach decided he hated vegetables all together, at home. He ate them fine at day care, but not at home. Oh no. He’d spit them out and make a face and have a fit until we gave him the fruit he wanted. Sigh.

This went on for weeks, so long that I had just given up on Zach eating vegetables again. Every time we tried, he had a fit. Adam, on the other hand, would eat anything he could shovel into his mouth regardless of whether it was a vegetable or a rock. Zach did eat yogurt at least which made us feel a little bit better. So that was the way dinner went – Zach ate fruits and Adam ate vegetables. Until last week.

For no reason at all Zach started eating vegetables again. It. Was. Amazing! Whole vegetables? Sure. Pureed vegetables? Why not! Happy as a clam he’d eat them just fine. It was great. The problem was that now Adam hates vegetables. Hates them. Wants nothing to do with them. First it was just green beans. Then green beans and peas, then carrots, then potatoes. He’d pick them up off of his tray and shovel them into his mouth only to realize they were dreaded vegetables and spit them out. We bought some Stage 2 and 1/2 “textures” baby foods to see if they’d eat them. They have a mixture of pureed food with some pieces for texture. One of them was Aquash with Apple chunks. Zach loved it. Adam, nope! How about Squash and Zucchini? Nope, too chunky. Again Zach ate it fine.

So first they ate veggies, then they both didn’t, then Adam did and Zach didn’t, now Zach does and Adam doesn’t. You just can’t win!

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