Finally Getting Better

Boy, it’s been an interesting month. My coworkers weren’t lying when they said that I’d be sick all the time once I had children. Geeze. Between the four of us I think we’ve been sick since late December. I’ve been sick, Sally’s been sick, Adam’s been sick, and Zach’s been sick. We’ve been passing things back and forth between us for weeks.

Zach has had three sinus infections and recently visited the ER and stayed in hospital. He had diarrhea for five straight days and we were worried that he was getting dehydrated. It turns out that all of the antibiotics that he had been taking had created a toxin that caused all of the diarrhea. After taking him off of the antibiotics, he started to get better. He was admitted to the hospital for observation due to a random allergic reaction. He was released from the hospital last week and has been doing great ever since.

Adam has actually been the least sick. He had an ear infection in December but somehow made it through January without catching any of Zach’s sicknesses. He’s been dropping teeth like a piranha but otherwise he’s been doing extremely well.

Sally has had colds on and off and I have as well. I think I had one week where I wasn’t sick.  Otherwise I’ve either had a fever, a stomach bug, or a cold. I’ve been going to bed early during the week and taking naps during the weekend. I’ve felt completely useless for the past few weekends and I am now finally getting to the point where I’m starting to feel better. Finally. It’s great.

Hopefully I don’t get sick again 🙂

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