"Bachelor Pad"

One of the nice things about our house is that it has a huge master bedroom. It’s over the garage and is almost as large as our one-bedroom house used to be. It isn’t a master suite due to the lack of a bathroom, but it does have two closets, a nice nook area, and a ton of space. Ever since we moved in it has been kind of bare with just a bed and a dresser, but we’ve always wanted some sort of seating surface so that we could use it more often as relaxing lounge area. Sally wanted a nice cozy place to watch TV and I wanted a nice quiet place to read a book.

After we got Sally’s elliptical machine we decided that we would look for a love seat to put in front of our bed. It would be large enough to give us a cozy place to sit and wouldn’t look odd. We started looking around but couldn’t really find anything that fit our budget and style. Not being in much of a hurry we put the whole couch idea on the back burner for a while. It’s amazing how timing can work out. Last weekend we took a walk around our neighborhood when we spied one of our neighbors “recycling” their brown microfiber couch. It was stylish and looked very clean for something that was out for the trash. The only issue was that one of the feet was broken, but that’s an easy fix.

After a quick conversation we said we’d take it and our neighbor Ron was kind enough to throw it in his truck and deliver it to us. It sat in the garage for a night and then we dragged it up to our bedroom on Monday. By “we” I mean Sally and I. Contrary to what you might think, we actually work rather well together and made sure we had fun with it. We had to flip it over a few times and it barely made it through the door, but after about an hour we had it transported, set up, and ready to go.  I must say I really like it. It’s soft, it’s comfortable, and it fits with the style of our bedroom extremely well. It gives our bedroom a sort of “bachelor pad” feel to it. But enough chatter – just look at the picture, it’s worth 1000 words.

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