iOS 6 Wish List: Update

Two months ago I posted the things that I wanted to see in iOS 6. Now that it’s been announced, let’s see how I did.

Background Downloading: No Dice

I wanted apps to be able to download in the background. Nothing has been announced nor have any developers discovered this ability. But it’s not October just yet 🙂

Background Updates: No Dice

Apps don’t update in the background. However at least in iOS 6 they don’t take you out of the App Store any more.

Advanced Sound Control: Sort Of

While not exactly implemented the way I had hoped, there is a way to get phone calls without hearing all of the other stuff and it’s called Do Not Disturb. Turning on Do Not Disturb silences alerts and phone calls unless the phone number is on the favorites list or the person calls multiple times. As long as I know who is going to call me and they are persistent, this will do.

Enhanced Geofencing: Not Really

There are some additional geofencing options with some of the apps such as Passbook, but nothing to do with changing system settings based on location. Boo.

Expanded Siri Integration: Meh

I CAN open apps, and that is AWESOME… but I can’t do any of the other stuff that I wanted like change system settings or have third party integration. I wouldn’t expect a third party API before it ships either, as Apple would have wanted to take advantage of WWDC this week to teach devs how to use it. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get natural pause recognition in a later beta.

Rotating Backgrounds: …


Swype: Ummm..

Don’t think so. A guy can hope.

iPod Equalizer: Nada

New iPod app, no customizable equalizer. There is a new preset though called “Late Night Mode”. Hmmm.

Facebook Integration: FINALLY I’M RIGHT!

You can set your status right out of the notification center (as well as Tweet, which iOS had no way to do unless you attached a photo I believe). You can post photos, locations, links, or just a plain old status. No video support in the photos app (yet, I hope). It is nicely integrated into the OS and I think I’ll be using it a lot.

More Notification Center Widgets: Poo

Unless you count the Tweet and Post buttons, there’s nothing.

Wow, I did terrible. I’m 1.5 for 10. Geeze. Good thing I don’t get paid for this sort of thing… But anyway, there are still a few that I have hope for in a later beta including background downloading, enhanced geofencing, and Swype. We’ll see. And you may be wondering, if I’m so disappointed with how iOS 6 turned out, why don’t I consider and Android device since many of my requests are actually available for Android. Well the list that I have is pretty out there and pretty nitpicky. In reality I’m quite happy with iOS 6 and the iOS in general. I won’t be switching any time soon. I’ll update my list as new betas come out though, just to see if I can improve my score just a bit 🙂

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