An Adorable Ancedote

Adam was in a melancholy mood this afternoon. We’d been out for much of the afternoon and he hadn’t had a nap for several hours. He was getting tired. When he gets tired he tends to get cuddly and clingy. After clinging to Sally for a bit on the couch, he noticed me in the hallway on my way to the basement. He looked over at me with those sad baby eyes, hopped off of his mom’s lap, and put his arms in the air. Being unable to resist, I let him waddle over and picked him up to travel with me downstairs.

I was heading down to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and finding it difficult to do with a baby in hand, I put Adam on the concrete floor. The first thing that he did was pull a foam pumpkin decoration from Halloween out from under one of our tables. He innocently grabbed it by its cord and began dragging it around with him. He really likes dragging things around – leashes, ropes, snakes, strings, hair dryers, bags – anything that can trail behind him. This was nothing new. I stopped what I was doing for a moment and watched as he dragged this decoration around behind him as he wandered around the basement inspecting the environment as he went. Very much unlike Adam, he was quiet and reserved, sauntering gently around instead of running and pulling out everything he could find.

He wandered into my Mac Museum, his head moving all around due to the bright lighting and the multitude of objects to explore. He went straight for a bookshelf, pulled out a copy of the Men’s Health Abs Diet Fitness Plan, and brought it over to me to read to him.  When he pulled it out several other things slipped out with it and landed on the floor. He stopped, looked over at it then at me, and said “uh oh” with his most innocent face on. It was such an adorable moment. There he was rustling through the basement dragging a fake pumpkin around happy as could be. Every now and then he’d look at me with a somber face using no words to tell me that he wasn’t great, but was happy enough hanging out with his Dad while he moved the laundry around.

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