Caspar Babypants: Fun Music for Kids that won't Drive You Crazy

I generally don’t like children’s music. It’s all “ring around the rosie” and nursery rhymes. It’s too cheery and too cheesy. Yeah, I’m that parent, the one that won’t let their kids listen to their own music. My one exception is Raffi. He’s a bit on the folky side, but he’s from our childhood so I can’t say no. Otherwise kid’s music is out.  The only music that played in our house was our own mix of modern pop and rock. Until we heard Caspar, that is…

Caspar Babypants is the name of Chris Ballew’s pop-funk children’s band. You might remember his voice as he was the lead singer for the President’s of the United States of America back in the mid to late 90’s (remember Peaches?). We discovered his music on iTunes one day when I was randomly checking out the children’s section. His album, Hot Dog!, was in the list of popular albums and the silly name caught my eye. I played a few tracks and I was hooked. It’s a mix of simple rock and pop with a 60s vibe thrown in.  It sounds completely different from any of the traditional children’s music that I’ve heard because it doesn’t sound like it’s written for a child. It still has child-safe themes about butterflies driving trucks, sugar ants, googley eyes, and snowmen, but it’s not sung in baby talk. On top of that the lyrics and music are catchy to boot.

I find myself singing the songs at work and at home even when we haven’t listened to them for days. They are so good that I could even stand listening to them in the car! I’m telling you, this stuff is good. It’s not your traditional Mother Goose nursery rhyme stuff. It’s real music. The group has five or so albums available. So far we’ve purchased two: Hot Dog! and Sing Along! All of the songs are fantastic, but our all time favorites are Sugar Ant, Stompy the Bear, Eleanor the Elegant Elephant, Bad Blue Jay, My Flea Has Dogs, and Butterfly Driving a Truck. If you want more info, check out iTunes or their website. They even have some cool music videos, which so far are the only TV that the boys will watch for more than five seconds.

Bottom line, Caspar Babypants is great music that won’t make you pull your hair out.

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