New Site Address

I have a slightly different site address now: This is different from my previous address which ended in The reason for this change is because I use a site called to give me a web address and link it to my web server. It a free service that lets you choose from a list of subdomains for up to two site.s Every month or so they send you an email asking you if you are still using the address. If you are, you click a button that renews it for another month. If you don’t you lose it. Well I lost mine. When I went back to get it, the subdomain was no longer available. I chose instead. This shouldn’t be a huge deal as I post most of my content via Facebook and doubt that people actually bookmark the site itself.

The setup process has been a bit more involved than I would like. There were several parts of my WordPress configuration and theme that directly referenced and it took me about an hour to find them and change them over. That was after spending an hour trying to get my web server to work with the new address. It’s finally all setup again (I think). Happy reading.

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