I Love

  • when Zachary reads “Funny Farm” and points out every individual pig on the page – “its zee peeg, zee peeg, zee piig. peeg”
  • when Adam walks into the office and requests that I play music on my Mac and dances to it
  • when the boys point at a picture of a computer and say “Daddy”
  • when Zach tackles Adam at the waist and takes him down like a football player
  • when Zach walks up to one of the cats, gets in their face, and says “Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi”
  • when the boys point to a picture of a TV and say “Mama”
  • when Adam says “Bye Bye Daddy” when I put him in his car seat and close the door
  • when Zach wants to be carried into day care
  • when either of the boys say “peese” automatically after asking something
  • the perfect way that Zach says “Holly” (even when he’s pointing to Hannah)

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