What Have We Been Up To?

It’s been a while again. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Giving the boys epic weekend-long birthday parties – thanks for all of the gifts. It was a great time! We don’t know how to choose a piñata.
  • Being sick – We’ve passed the same cold around for two months. It’s been miserable, requiring multiple nights of early bedtimes and an addiction to Airborne.
  • Dealing with Adam’s issues – he finally started sleeping through the night again last week, but until then he was in bed with us. Every night. We are still trying to find the right mix of Miralax, alternatives, and potty training to get him to poop.
  • Work – I’ve been taking my work home with me lately. Yippers.
  • Exercise – We’ve both been trying to do much better with exercise. We are fitting it in almost every night, which ends up being quite a time commitment.
  • Playing Bioshock Infinite – the game that will probably end up being Game of the Year. It is fantastic and has eaten up a few, but not many, of my evenings.
  • Catching up on The Americans – a fantastic spy drama on FX about secret Russian KGB agents.
  • Trying to get outside – whenever it is even barely warm, we go outside with the boys and play as much as we can. Sometimes we push our boundaries. Anything above 40 degrees is fair game.

And that’s what we’ve been up to. Until next time.

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