What a Weekend

IMG_2443Boy, did we have a busy weekend. There were ups and downs but overall it was pretty good. Saturday morning was pretty dreary so we decided to bring the boys to Twice the Fun to get their energies out. We left at around 10, thanks to the boys’ early wakeup at 7 AM. After a quick misfire at the car when I realized that Adam had stepped in dog poop and smeared it all over my shirt and pants, we were in. Twice the Fun was busy, but it wasn’t too overly crowded. They moved things around a bit so it felt fresh and new. The boys enjoyed bouncing on trampolines, playing basketball, riding cars, playing in housed, and swimming in the ball pit. We even contorted ourselves through the two story play structure to go down the slide a few times.

After about two hours of play we took a quick trip over to Bed Bath and Beyond to use their monthly coupon to pick up some supplies for my Verismo. B3 is the only store in our area that sells Verismo coffee and allows you to use coupons on it. On our way through the checkout line I dropped one of the coffee boxes and a nice lady picked it up for me. That nice lady happened to be Auntie Terri who was buying a griddle with her husband Jan. After a quick conversation we were back in the car to pick up our steam cleaner and bring it to Ken and Britney. A quick drop-off turned into a nice visit with La Festa pizza at their apartment. We stayed for about an hour and the boys were really good.

Once we got home the boys had a reasonable 1.5 – 2 hour nap and woke up just in time to leave to meet Rachel, Josh, and Heidi at the play ground. It was still dreary out and sprinkled occasionally but the weather held out overall. The play ground was busy with a birthday party and then a bunch of random kids, but it was still fun. A cute little boy who was maybe four or five sat with the boys on the seesaw and explained to them which parts were dirty and which parts were clean. I have no idea where his parents were because I never saw them. After about an hour of play we headed off to Red Hook to have dinner. The boys had pita pizza with sweet potato fries and Sally and I had burgers. We had some good conversation with Rachel and Josh and got to hear Heidi babble and watch her run around.

Once we got home the boys spent some time with their GiGi, gave Sally her Mother’s Day gifts, and went to bed. It was an extremely successful day. After the boys fell asleep we decided to investigate the incredibly loud banging noises that our washing machine has been making lately. Come to find out it is probably a bad bearing on the wash drum and it will probably cost $400 – $600 to fix. I started reading a ton about front loading washing machines, their design, their reliability, and the quality of the different brands. When I went to look up our machine on the GE website, I found that it only gets 1.5 out of 5 stars on their own site! Most people complained about parts failing frequently and stated that they’d never buy one again. Ours came with the house but it is only 6 or 7 years old so I was hoping it would last a bit longer. We are having a GE tech come out tomorrow just to verify that there isn’t an inexpensive fix. If not, we’re going to look for an LG or Samsung as they have the highest quality ratings and far better warranties than the 1 year you get with GE.

If Saturday was a great behavior day with not so great weather, today was the opposite. The weather was absolutely beautiful! A little bit of sun, a nice breeze, no rain. It was gorgeous out. The boys, however, were not. There were many moments of fun and adorableness but each was balanced with tantrums, obstinate, and drama. We went grocery shopping and Zach had a fit until we gave him a snack. We went to Target and the boys refused to sit in their carts. We came home and the boys ran around screaming and hitting each other and then made a mess of the dining room during lunch.

Once they took a nap, things started turning around. We had some time to chill out and once the boys were awake we went outside and got our energies out. Sally mowed the upper and lower back lawn by the swing set. I took care of the bushes and mowed part of the hill between us and the Carters. Adam followed me around most of the time, keeping enough distance to be safe, while intently watching the action. The wind blew our patio umbrella to pieces, much in the same way that a windmill explodes and its blades go flying to the ground. Sally gave the boys a bath while I grilled chicken and cooked corn. As soon as the boys were back in the house things got crazy again. The bath was OK, but there was a lot of unnecessary splashing. Dinner wasn’t too bad until Adam had a random melt down with his yogurt pop and then proceeded to try to eat all of the play doh and every crayon in the dining room. Needless to say bed time was a bit early tonight.

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