Mac Museum at Work

IMG_2467I spend a lot of time collecting and organizing things for the Mac Museum but rarely get to actually enjoy the things that are in it. This panorama is a rare instance where I had a chance to do that. From left to right there is a Power Mac 6100/66 (circa 1995) with a 14″ VGA Apple Color Plus monitor no it transferring files over AppleTalk to a 250 MHz PowerBook G3 (circa 1997). The 6100 is connected to an Ethernet hub via an AAUI adapter that converts Apple’s networking port into a standard Ethernet port. The file transfer is happening at a whopping 10 mbps (about 1.25 MB/s), which was pretty fast for the 90’s.

The shelf in the middle is holding my 2004 PowerBook G4 (12″) which is connected to a portable FireWire hard drive. The drive has a bunch of partitions on it that I’m copying Mac OS install discs onto. The idea is that instead of using a CD to load OSes onto my Macs, I can just use this drive. It will work for the ones that have FireWire – about 1999 forward.

Next to that is a 20″ iMac G4 playing music through iTunes.


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