One Week Until Ireland

One week from today I will be on my way to Ireland UK for a week-long work trip. It’s been a couple of weeks since I initially posted about the trip and not a lot has happened since. It has been too early to plan or pack so I’ve been waiting. Now that I’m a week away it’s time to start preparing. This weekend I called my bank and credit card company to let them know I’d be out of the country so they wouldn’t flag my transactions as fraud. I also double checked with AT&T about my international calling options. We have VOIP software phones for work so I will use that for most of my calling but I wanted to make sure that my cell would work in an emergency. It will but the per minute rate is really high. Not a huge deal because I don’t plan to use it and it is reimbursable by the company if I do. I’ve got my passport in order and filled out as well. Before I leave I’m going to empty out my wallet so that I’m only carrying my license and credit cards. Now all I need to do is pack.

I’ve only been on a couple of business trips before so my packing list is a bit unfamiliar. I have to bring work pants, shirts, and shoes obviously but I’ve also got to shove some causal clothes in there as well. That means two pairs of shoes, four pairs of pants / shorts, two types of socks, two types of shirts, etc. I’m also going to throw in some ties for fun. I’m borrowing international adapters from one of my coworkers and I’m probably going to bring a power strip so that I can have more plugs – lots of stuff to charge. I’m going to bring my camera as well with a couple of lenses. Usually when we go on trips Sally carries the backpack with our snacks, magazines, and laptops and I carry the camera bag. Since I will be alone I don’t have that option. I don’t have room to bring the entire camera bag (checking it is not an option) so I’m going to probably stick the camera and a couple of lenses in my carry on with some padding around them. In addition to that I’ll have my iPad, my chargers, and my two work laptops. The TSA will have a field day with this one!

I’ve spoken to my manager a little bit about what to expect – where to get money, how much to carry, how often to get it, where US credit cards are accepted, what sorts of stores to go to, where the office is located, etc. We have a meeting this week to discuss a bit more. As I said before it’s going to be really really exciting to go but at the same time I will feel terrified and out-of-place. I haven’t gone on a trip by myself for about 5 years and even then Sally joined me. I’ve never been away from the boys for more than an afternoon and that is going to be really really hard. I’m sure I’ll be busy for most of the day and it won’t be on my mind but I’ll miss the boys and Sally a lot after work. I’m going to FaceTime every night if I can at 11 PM (6 PM EST). I’m going to take the bus to Boston on Sunday which means I’ll have to leave Dover at around 2:00 which is right in the middle of the boys’ nap 😦 I won’t even really get to say goodbye and I’m sure they will look for me when they get up. I hope they don’t give Sally too much of a hard time while I’m gone.

Seven days and counting. Time to get ready.

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