iPhone 5s Case

IMG_1687When I purchased my 5s I also wanted to purchase a case and a dock. I generally don’t use cases on my phones but Apple introduced a new line of leather cases for the 5 and 5s that looked really cool so I thought I might try them out. It also introduced a dock, which until now had only been provided by third-party companies. I was ready to buy both but didn’t have time at the AT&T store so I planned to get them off the web later on. I’m lucky that happened because I later found out that the two do not work together – the dock is custom fit to the shape of the iPhone 5 and 5s without any room for a case. I decided that I’d probably skip the case but then I found out that the dock also covers part of the home button, making it impossible to use Touch ID without taking the iPhone out first. Thank you online reviews.

Regardless, we headed to the Apple Store today to check them out. I didn’t see any of the cases out so I asked a sales person and he brought me a key chain that had all five bundled together. He removed one so that I could feel it and see how it fit on my phone. It fit very well and was extremely snug, just as the reviews had said. It was quite difficult to get my phone back out of it actually. I decided that I would try it and skip the dock for now. If I decided to toss the case later I could pick up a dock. I went with red because it is bright and contrasts well with the black face of my phone.

As I said, I’ve never been a case person. I just don’t like the bulk. Every couple of generations of phones are thinner than the last and I don’t like to add that back on with a case. Then again, a splash of color doesn’t hurt and a case does provide some extra protection. The cases are covered with leather on the outside and many reviews have stated that the cases are not as soft as the reviewer anticipated. I interpreted that to mean that the case was made out of a hard leather, something shiny and resistant to wear. I’m not sure what all of the other reviewers were talking about but I think the case is plenty soft. It’s not the softest leather on the planet but it is gentle and pleasing to the hands and is quite a bit softer than the leather in my car. I think it’s fine.

The biggest thing about the case is that it makes my phone stand out. It’s red. It actually makes my phone look very much like a 5c except that it is real red instead of pink, it has all of the better hardware of the 5s, and it lets me remove it if I get sick of it. It adds a few millimeters of thickness to the phone, making it about as thick as my 4s but doesn’t seem to add much weight in the process. So while I gain some thickness I don’t really gain much weight. The phone feels generally the same. I’ve only had it for a day, but I’m enjoying it so far.

iPhone 5c in red
iPhone 5c in red
iPhone 5s with red case
iPhone 5s with red case



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