Fwashing Your Hands After Fwatching Fwaffi

The boys are speaking more and more all the time. They frequently use full sentences to express complete thoughts and engage in back-and-forth conversation with us and each other. One of my favorite things is listening to them tell a story about something because you can see them pause and think about what words to use. What comes out eventually is a complete thought. Super cool. Some of their stories and conversations can be quite interesting due to their pronunciations. As they learn and use new words their pronunciations are improving but there are some things that are still in toddler-speak.

At some point in the last six months Adam decided to prefix ‘w’ sounds with an ‘f’, making a ‘fw’ sound at the beginning of words. “Wash”, for example, is now “fwash”. Raffi, usually pronounced “Waffi”, is now “Fwaffi”. “Throw” is “frow”, “thing” is “fing” (i.e. “Wobots frowing fings”). It happens with “s” and “th” words too sometimes: “slipping” is “fippin'” and “think” is “fink”. On top of that there are some other words with interesting pronunciations. “Spoon” is “spUne” with extra emphasis on the “u”. We know he’ll grow out of it eventually but sometimes I wonder what other people fink.

Zach has his share of customized pronunciations as well; they just don’t follow rules like Adam’s do. Zachary still pronounces “pancake” as “pampake”, “bandaid” as “bambaid”, and “backpack” as “packpack”. He also calls “yogurt” “gogurt” or “gong-gong” depending on how he is feeling.

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