Potty Training Days 2 – 4

Exploring_new_continents_1200728Our potty training experience has continued over the past few days with the typical ups and downs that we expected. Day two was mostly a blur for me as I spent the majority of the day sick in bed but it appeared to go OK. There were more successes on the toilet and few accidents. Day three saw Zachary starting to use the toilet on his own, quite often actually (I think he’s addicted to the rewards) and even pooping excitedly on it. Adam had a bit of a regression and flat-out refused to use the toilet on a few occasions. He eventually went but still hasn’t grasped on to doing it himself when he needs to. Part of it may be that he just holds his bladder more than Zachary. He did have two successes with poop which is simply amazing. We have enough trouble getting him to poop period, let alone on the toilet. He hasn’t done that for us in months.

Day four started out very wet, with both boys completely soaked during their sleep. Bedsheets, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and pajamas all into the laundry on the sanitize cycle. We had put them in a combination of pull-ups and swim diapers (I know, ghetto) and they weren’t enough to keep in the night’s liquids, even after cutting them of at 6:00 PM the prior night. The morning continued with two accidents at the breakfast table; Adam’s was a stream, Zachary’s was an ocean. Our experience improved throughout the morning and the boys made it through nap with either a dry pull-up or a very slightly wet one. By the end of the evening Adam even told us that he needed to use the potty.

We headed out to Target to get proper pull-ups (the night kind) as well as some extra underwear. The boys go back to school on Thursday so we need to provide plenty of underwear and extra pants. That will give them two days to try at school and then two more days at home with us. We haven’t used diapers in four days and it’s great. I can’t wait to be done with those things!


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