2013 Clean Out: Being a Parent

This is part of my end-of-the-year cleaning of draft posts. I wrote this at the beginning of the year with the intention of adding to it and posting it later on. I never really finished it but it’s all still true.

Being a parent means:

  • rolling on the floor in your work clothes looking for a stranded ball under the couch
  • knowing that when you get home someone is going to point at the bandage on your finger and say “boo boo”
  • seeing and talking about poops of all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and forces
  • finding small socks everywhere
  • losing sippy cups and feeling like you need to buy more then finding them and feeling like you have too many
  • repeating the cycle above
  • being hyper-sensitive about any object that could fit in a small mouth
  • noticing runny noses everywhere and feeling the need to wipe them
  • learning to walk with a child attached to your leg
  • bringing food with you any time you leave the house
  • sitting on the floor because it sets a good example of why we don’t jump on the couch
  • knowing how to use a large variety of gates, locks, and covers
  • doing dishes all the time
  • singing entire volumes of children’s music during the day at work
  • eating at warp speed, even when the kids aren’t around

2 Replies to “2013 Clean Out: Being a Parent”

  1. Parenthood certainly is a “full time endeavor” not “part time”. But it is also most certainly the “most rewarding and fulfilling adventure” anyone can be blessed to undertake!


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