Guest Post: My Top 5 Least-Favorite Facebook Posts


The following is a guest post from my lovely wife. Though thoughtful and beautifully written it does not necessarily reflect the opinions of this blog.

As many of you know I try to make my Facebook posts humorous, witty, cute, and/or meaningful. I do this because I HATE useless, senseless, and meaningless posts. Here are my top 5 least favorite posts.

5.”Happy Birthday!” I recently removed my birthday from my profile because I can’t stand the 50 Happy Birthday messages I receive. A – Most come from people I haven’t spoken to in over 10 years and B – Refer to A.
4. “Doing laundry and cleaning the house.” We all have household chores. Since I can barely keep up with my own, I don’t really care about yours.
3. Game invite! Stop sending me invites to play the same damn annoying games as you. If I want to play a game I will ask you for suggestions. No I will not help you earn another life in your level or help you feed your virtual animals. I have real animals to feed.
2. Complaints about the weather. If you complain about your local weather every day I have one recommendation for you…MOVE!
1. “Ugh! Why now? Not again! Hoping for a better day tomorrow.” Vague posts drive me insane. Either tell us what’s going on or save us the annoyance.

Honorable mention:”Score!” I watch sports and so do others. But sports updates should come from our own TV and radio.

So keep the humorous stories from your day, the cute pics of your kids, the Pinterest ideas, memes, and recipes coming. But as for all that other crap…that’s all it is.

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