Farewell TSX


After three and a half good years I traded in my 2007 Acura TSX for a larger, more powerful, and more luxurious Acura TL. Despite the upgrades that I’m getting with my TL, I will still miss my TSX. It represents a lot of things for me. It was my first 200+ hp car, my first car with amenities like a leather interior and HID headlights, and the first car that I had with the boys, in fact it was the car we brought them home in. Besides being my commuting vehicle it also served as our weekender until being displaced by Sally’s Kia Sorrento.

Though it didn’t have the curvy or aggressive design of current vehicles, it still looked nice with crisp lines and a dignified profile. The layout of the interior was simple and straightforward – a design that you can see in the interior of the current Honda Accord, actually. Performance was solid for a car with four cylinders under the hood. With 205 hp it matched what Lexus offered in its six cylinder Lexus IS 250, besting it in both fuel economy and acceleration.  The six speed manual was a dream to drive – I did not own one but drove one for a day and really enjoyed it. Even the automatic was a solid performer. It had a manumatic mode that was very responsive; shifting down to third gear when going through a toll booth easily provided enough kick to quickly merge back into traffic.

My TSX was a comfortable car to drive, having a firm but not harsh ride, as well as great handling. Interior materials were all of high quality – soft touch panels mixed with leather and aluminum trim. The technology that was included worked very well. The audio system wasn’t as powerful as my tC’s, but I eventually configured it to the point where I preferred it over many higher-end systems I heard. For a car without a subwoofer the speakers had pretty solid bass that tended to be missing from other cars. My phone worked flawlessly as well, making phone calls easy. I even added a third-party adapter that allowed me to play my iPod and control it though the audio system controls.

As with anything I had a few gripes here and there, like the location of the sunroof controls (left side of the steering wheel, no automatic mode) or the desire for softer leather on the seats. Otherwise there was very little to complain about. My 2007 TSX was a great car. It is literally the European version of the Honda Accord imported back into the US and it has the premium feel expected for that market. I actually saw a few while I was out in Ireland. After 3.5 years and 82,000 miles I say farewell to my TSX and upgrade to a larger, more powerful, more luxurious, more fuel-hungry machine. Even so, I’m going to miss my TSX.

And hey, if you’re interested, Merchants is selling it for $14,500. I can guarantee that is no where near what they gave me for it, so definitely talk them down a couple grand 🙂

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