The boys have been really interested in puzzles lately. They play with puzzles at school but recently they have dusted them off at home again.  Zachary has been particularly enamored. He sits quietly on the floor searching for pieces, bringing them to the puzzle, turning them on each side to see if they fit, and then finally locking them in place. He is so focused it’s amazing. He has a pretty good attention span but this is something else. He is in the zone. His severe concentration is only broken by an exclamation of “I did it!” every ten minutes or so followed by him taking it apart and saying “I’m going to build it again!” It’s absolutely stunning to watch him work – you can literally see him thinking.

Adam prefers a little bit more help but enjoys a puzzle or two as well. He likes to have someone help him find the pieces that he needs before placing them. He is particularly fond of the Cars puzzle we have as well as the name puzzle that he got from Grammy for Christmas. Between puzzles and Legos its great to see our boys using their minds. Certainly beats the TV!

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