Game Impressions

I’ve purchased a bunch of games recently to play on my new PC. I took a breadth over depth approach over Christmas vacation so that I could get a general impression of most of what I bought. Here are my thoughts. The games are listed based on the time I’ve spent playing, starting with those I’ve played the most.

Assassin’s Creed III

You are from a lineage of assassins. You go back in time to relive your ancestor’s memories through a machine called the Animus. An evil corporation is hunting you down and you need to get historical information by reliving your ancestor’s memories in order to save the world.

  • Graphics are beautiful
  • Control is a mix PC-style free control (use the mouse and keyboard to do whatever you need) and console-style scripted control (you have to push a certain key a certain number of times or lock on an enemy before firing)
  • Lots of cut scenes. I’m used to playing games that don’t have cut scenes at the end of every mission so this is a bit annoying.
  • Lots of neat historical information. It’s set in Boston during the Revolutionary war and includes information about topics including Fanuiel Hall, the French and Indian War, and Benjamin Franklin.
  • Climbing buildings is really fun
  • The Red Coats are pains in the ass.
  • I’ll keep playing this one.

The Force Unleashed 2

You are Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, actually a clone of his secret apprentice. You cannot figure out if you want to join the dark side and are trying to find your love. The story is set between Episodes III and IV.

  • I have The Force Unleased for Playstation 3 and this game’s mechanics are very similar (not a bad thing)
  • Force powers are (still) very cool
  • The graphics aren’t as nice as other games but they are reasonable for a game from this era (late 2010)
  • The story line is reasonable and interesting
  • Most enemies are reasonably easy to kill which keeps it casual, which I like
  • Dual lightsaber animations are fantastic. Feels like you are in a movie!
  • I’ll keep playing this one.

Alan Wake

You are a writer living out his own nightmare. You haven’t been able to write a book in two years so you go on a vacation with your wife in the mountains. She gets kidnapped and you have to overcome the powers of darkness to save her.

  • Detailed and beautiful environment set in the mountains complete with lots of trees, rivers, lakes, sunsets, and lots of fog. Plenty of interestingly-lit night scenes as well. 
  • Good horror element. Lots of things happen in the dark. There is a lot of creepy music and visual effects to keep the adrenaline pumping.
  • You need to flash your enemies with a flashlight before you can use your weapons on them. You have to manage both ammo and batteries for the flashlight to survive.
  • Interesting story line. The writer is basically living out a horror novel that he hasn’t written yet.
  • I’ll keep playing this one.


You are a reporter who breaks into an Asylum that is being used for evil experiments. Once inside you find that something has gone terribly wrong and all you want to do is get out.

  •  Extremely scary – you have no weapons; all you can do is run and hide. The music is very unnerving and the character breathes heavily throughout the game, adding to the suspense.
  • Very well detailed asylum. Looks like something out of American Horror Story. Really cool.
  • Nasty and disturbing characters – people with their faces scraped off, their limbs gnawed away.
  • There is a control that allows you to look back over your shoulder while running way. Seriously.
  • I’ll keep playing this one. Slowly. I can only play for 30 min at a time.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

You are a human with cybernetic implants in the dystopian year 2007. You have a robot eye like a Terminator. You have to kill stuff.

  • This is a DLC pack for Far Cry 3 where the developers took the major 80’s action movie stereotypes (The Terminator, Rambo, Robo Cop, etc) and put them all together. 
  • It is a satire of the 80’s and does a great job reproducing the techno neon style of that era.
  • It is voiced over by the actor who played Kyle Reese in The Terminator
  • You have a Terminator eye…
  • I’ll keep playing this one… on easy, because it is a Far Cry game after all…

Red Faction Guerilla

You are a miner on mars. Your brother gets killed and you join the resistance.

  • I owned the original Red Faction and liked it, though I never completed the game.
  • Much of the game is based around an open world where any object can be destroyed. You can actually pick up scrap that can be used to upgrade your character in the game.
  • I haven’t played it a lot, but the environments look good and it seems interesting.

I played Resident Evil 5 for one night and quickly became frustrated with its control scheme. It is exactly like a classic console game where you have to aim and shoot then hit a bunch of other keys in a certain order for the actions. Everything is scripted and it’s annoying. I’ve started playing Dead Space, Fall Out: New Vegas, D.I.R.T, and GRID 2, but not long enough to have any feelings about them. I still have a bunch of other games to play as well – Far Cry 2, 3, 4; Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Black Flag; Napoleon Total War; two Batman games, three Tomb Raider games; Max Payne 3; and a few others.

I’ll most certainly be busy through my next holiday vacation season. I’ll probably focus on a few games for a while to see if I can complete them. I still need to finish Hitman Absolution and Bioshock Infinite from last year and there is a new Dead Island game coming out this year that I’ll have to play as well. It will take me a decade to get through what I have.

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