Ordered a Nikon D750

m_d750Well that was quick. Two days ago I posted the research I had done regarding full frame camera options. Buying into the Nikon system was an expensive option, but one that I planned to consider after further research and possibly a rental. To be truthful, that article was drafted last Friday, the same day I made some additional calculations and decided to pull the trigger on the D750. By that time I had done enough research to indicate that Nikon was worth a try and had planned to rent a D750 and two lenses. I would rent the equipment in May for about $300. By that time I would have a better idea of whether Canon could provide the features I wanted and could make a final decision. Then I found a deal.

My original plan, if I eventually ended up with a Nikon, would have worked like this: rent the equipment to evaluate the features and feel. Assuming I did, I’d purchase a refurbished D750 body, a refurbished AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR lens, and a brand new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR lens. Unfortunately the 70-200 isn’t available refurbished and I don’t want to wait. If for some reason I decided against Nikon, I would have spent $300 on the rental to find out. The breakdown would have looked like this: 

D750 + Lens Rental $300
Refurbished D750 Body $1700
Refurbished 24 – 120mm Lens $900
New 70 – 200mm Lens $1400
Total Cost to Keep $4300
Total Cost if Returned $300

Nikon is running a sale right now on a D750 kit that includes the 24 – 120mm lens for $2300. That’s $300 less than if I bought the two refurbished in the first place. Adorama.com also has a 30 day no questions asked return policy. If I don’t like the camera for any reason I can return it for a full refund. I only need to pay to ship it back. That’s probably $100 max, meaning that I can buy the camera outright, use it as a rental, and save $200 in the case that I don’t like it. If I decide to return it, all I pay is shipping. That breakdown looks like this:

New D750 + New 24-120mm Lens $2300
New 70-200mm Lens $1400
Total Cost to Keep $3700
Total Cost if Returned $100

Buying the package deal is a win-win. If I decide to keep the camera, I’ll save $600. If I decide to return it, the “rental” would only cost me $100 instead of $300. While it may add a little bit more hassle to the equation, it’s a pretty good way to test out the system. I’ve also made sure that I’ll be home in time to ship it back if I don’t like it.

After lots of research I’m seriously considering buying into the Nikon system – I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble otherwise. I’ll keep it if it provides me with the image quality and creative options I’m looking for while not offending me in a major way. It’s a big investment, but it truly positions me well for the future. I can keep my full frame Canon lenses in case I decide to buy a full frame Canon body in the future. I can still use my 7D for macro shots and long distance zooming where the 1.6x crop factor is a benefit. If I stop using my 7D I can sell it and its lenses to make back some of my investment.

It actually arrived today, so I’ll have some first impressions soon.

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