Farewell Canon

I bought into the Nikon system last year with the purchase of my D750. I wanted to upgrade to a full frame camera and Nikon had better options for me at the time. I decided to keep my Canon to fill gaps that I had in my Nikon system, namely the lack of a macro lens and the ability to zoom telephoto shots a bit more due to the crop factor. I also kept it with the idea that I might purchase a Canon again and would not need to purchase new lenses. Having another body around for backup seemed like a good idea too.

Fast forward a year and I’ve taken under 400 shots on my Canon since I switched; some of them for macro, the rest for a comparison showing how much better the image quality of my Nikon is. I just ordered a macro, a teleconverter, and an extreme zoom lens for my Nikon, so the Canon can no longer provide something that my Nikon can’t. My lens idea was flawed as well – if I bought another Canon it would be full frame, making two of my four lenses useless. I’d also want to upgrade my 70-200 to the image stabilized version which drops the lens advantage down to one. If I wanted a second body it makes more sense to buy a Nikon crop camera; I can get a 24MP D7100 for $500 used. It’s time for the Canon to go.

I priced out my seven-year old 7D body, four lenses, flash, and battery grip on eBay and I can get about $2,000 on eBay for it, which would cover the investment I just made in lenses for my Nikon. eBay is great but it can be a bit of a hassle trying to sell all of the parts, shipping them, and then hoping nobody complains about what they receive. I decided to give Adorama’s used service a try. You tell them what you have, they pay for you to ship it to them, then they make you an offer. At that time you decide what to sell; Adorama will ship the rest back for free, even if you decide to sell nothing. They will pay up to 70% of the used price of the equipment, which amounts to about $1,800; a bit less than eBay but a whole lot easier. I shipped my entire Canon system off today and should know by the end of the week what it’s worth.

I’m going to miss my Canon. I stepped into the Canon system in 2009 with a 50D and upgraded to the 7D under a year later. The Canons were light years ahead of the Pentax system that I had – the image quality was far better, the cameras were better-featured, autofocus was super fast, and there were a huge number of lens options available. I’ve owned nine different lenses with the system, from kit lenses to ultra zooms to primes to professional-quality L series. All of my photos from the time we moved to Maplewood through the boys’ fifth birthday were taken on Canon. I checked the shutter count this weekend and I’ve taken over 32,000 photos with my 7D. That’s pretty good for eight years.

So farewell Canon. You were a great camera and I’ll miss you.

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