Happy Birthday Mom

Dear Mom,

Happy Birthday! You’ve made it to 74 years old! You’re just as feisty as ever but you love all of us so deeply. We talk on the phone a lot and I really enjoy talking to you for hours. When you spend time with the boys I see the joy on your face. Our visits are always warm.

Birthdays are a great time for memories and boy do I have a lot. I remember walking to preschool together holding hands through while the autumn leaves blew up around us. I remember looking out to you in the audience during every concert in my elementary school cafeteria. I remember running to you with excitement for every drawing, Lego, or cardboard creation to explain it and see the smile across your face. Before bed you always tucked me in and gave me a hug and a kiss, allowing me a gentle and restful sleep.

You get along with the boys so well! I see a lot of you in them. I enjoy how you watch Adam while he creates his art. He is so proud to show off his creations to you whether it is a drawing, a conglomerate of different toys, or a cardboard creation. He is very talented and has high standards for himself, but you always remind him that doing his best is what counts. He sends you home with artwork every time you visit and can’t wait to make you more.

I love watching Zach sneak up on you and cuddle on the couch under a blanket. He loves telling you great stories about what’s been going on before hopping onto the floor and building a Lego. He can complete an 8 – 14 set all by himself now! When he’s done he beams with pride as he shows everyone what he has made and how it works. You’re always listening and attentive like you were for me.

The boys enjoy school so much and I know you are proud of them. They are inquisitive and enjoy exploring their world. They love to get their hands dirty and take things apart to learn what they do and how they work. They aren’t afraid to ask questions and love to learn. Every time  you come over there is something to discuss or explain. Its fun to see how you relate.

Well I have to go but I wish you the best Mom. I miss you so much. Until next year Happy Birthday and warmest hugs and kisses!

– Jason

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