Ninety Percent There

Messy, but functional. 

We reached a major milestone on Friday with the installation of our microwave and stove – we  have a functioning kitchen! We don’t have door pulls for the bottom cabinets, still need a small heater, and need matched wood in the dining room, but we have everything else. We were able to cook on the stove for the first time in 9 weeks and it was amazing! We’ve moved all of our temporary items out of the dining room and into the cabinets. Nothing is in its final place and we haven’t brought all of our stuff in from the garage, but we are making progress!

This weekend was dedicated to continuing to touch up the areas that were affected by the renovation. I focused on trim, finishing the living room baseboard and windows, the mud room trim and door to the garage (which has never been painted), as well as the trim in the boys’ room. Sally painted the entire mudroom a new color, painted around the window in the boys’ room, and painted affected areas in the dining room. The boys now have a real curtain and blinds so their room can go back to normal. The mud room is ready for our shoes, backpacks, and jackets to go back in. We don’t have a couch yet (should deliver in the next 2 weeks) but we are ready to go in the living room.

It feels great to move things out of the dining room and be able to use the kitchen. I’m the kind of person that likes closure so I feel like I get heaps of it every time we move things back to normal. There is still a lot of stuff in the garage and basement, but life is slowly returning to normal on the first floor.

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