Coronapocalypse Day 6

We’ve been doing this stay-at-home thing for five full days now. The boys were at GiGi’s Monday and Wednesday and we had them home with us Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. After getting through Tuesday we made some adjustments for Wednesday/Thursday and got things rolling. Again, the biggest issue for us is our meeting schedule. Once we get more used to what we are doing, we’ll be able to adjust our schedules to accommodate.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 7.52.48 PM.jpg
Chores are part of the schedule. YEEESSSSS!

On Thursday night the teachers released their schedule, but not all of their curriculum. We updated our schedule for Friday to match theirs and started mixing things from their assignments with what were left of ours. On Monday we plan to switch completely to their assignments. Adam’s attitude had been less-than-stellar earlier in the week but it improved significantly on Friday even though our schedule included 30 minutes of reading and chores. The weather was nice enough to go outside for the full hour, so maybe that helped.

On Friday Zach worked on his slide show about Ireland for Ellis Island day and Adam wrote an email to his teacher to say hello. They both did worksheets and watched science  videos. Sally was locked in a phone call for most of the day but I was mostly free which felt good. I hadn’t been able to help much up until that point. I started organizing things a bit more around the house and we now have a “school zone”. I also moved my work monitor out of the way in the office so we can get around better.


I went to Market Basket Friday morning at open to get ahead of weekend shopping. We went at 10 AM last Saturday and the crowd of crazies had dissipated but some things were not available. I figured Friday would be a better option and we could also pick up a roll of that infamous toilet paper everybody is groaning about. Crowd was fine, food stock was fine for what we needed, but toilet paper and paper towels had been replaced with beer. The food we needed was there – plenty of eggs, milk, yogurt, meat, and vegetables. Canned beans were mostly gone, canned vegetables were slim, frozen vegetables were slim, and powdered potatoes (which we don’t buy anyway) were replaced with cans of pineapple juice.


I had been feeling house bound most of the week, not because I usually go out, but because I’ve been told I shouldn’t. We went to a few stores throughout the week to check stock but it felt pretty hollow. I felt much better when we went for a long neighborhood walk on Friday in the beautiful weather. We went to Hampton Beach today and spent about an hour there which was really nice too. Not too many folks there so easy to #socialDistance and enough of a breeze to blow any droplets away right as they come out of someone’s mouth. We spent time outside after we came home and that was nice as well. I feel much better when we can get outside.

Things are still weird as they are for pretty much everyone, but we’re adjusting. I’m glad the weather will be getting better over time; I can’t imagine this in the middle of winter.

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