Coronapocalypse Day 14

We worked hard this week and Friday was a bit… slower. Zach’s teacher had a Zoom meeting with his class to catch up and wish him a happy birthday. It lasted 30 minutes and the kids had fun. She muted them all at the beginning and unmuted each student for their respective update but let all hell break loose at the end by unmuting everyone. She even told the kids not to work too hard.

Zoomin’ with classmates

The weather was beautiful, over 50 degrees, and it felt like a nice spring day. The boys spent nearly three hours outside working on their “fort” in the swing set. They made furniture out of sticks and wood and a vast array of food out of plants. Their imaginations were in full swing and they were very proud. We took a nice walk in the evening too. Lighter work schedules combined with lighter school schedules and beautiful weather made for a nice Friday.

We spent a fair deal of time outside on Saturday catching up on the yard. We’ve been cutting out nasty thorn bushes and vines in our side yard, leveling the area behind the kitchen and finally preparing to plant grass, getting ahead of the prickly bushes in the back yard, applying Grubex, and collecting and cutting sticks for the fire pit. We also moved and stacked our palette of pellets inside of the garage, clearing some space on the side of the driveway. The boys continued to play and it was really nice to be in the nice weather.

We kicked off the boys’ birthday with a challenge

Sunday was a big day for the boys – they turned nine. Although they were disappointed that they couldn’t have the original party with friends that we planned, you couldn’t tell. They enjoyed their presents and the cakes that Sally made – two white cakes, one with peanut butter Oreo filling and one with Nutella Oreo filling. Yum. GiGi came over as they built out their birthday Legos. Once everything settles down we’ll reschedule their party. They were going to go to Hilltop Fun Center for the Arcade and Laser tag, but by the time we reschedule they will also be able to do outside activities like go carts. Silver lining I guess.

Governor Sununu declared a stay at home order that started on Friday at midnight. It isn’t a shelter in place because people are not bound to their homes, our borders are not closed, and people from outside the state are still allowed in. Many businesses have been ordered to close unless they are part of the relatively large list of essential businesses. Essential businesses include hospitals and urgent care facilities (obviously), grocery stores, gas stations, banks, hardware stores, restaurants (carry-out / delivery only), gun stores, and liquor stores (of course). That leaves an assortment of businesses including gyms, hair dressers / aestheticians, massage parlors, movie theaters, bowling alleys / arcades, non-essential doctors offices, furniture / home goods stores, and function centers closed. Some of these businesses were already closed anyway but now its more official. State parks are open but beaches are closed.

The elusive toilet paper!

I went shopping at Market Basket on Friday and had a pretty good experience. They had more than half stock of everything I needed – milk, pasta, cereal, meat, yogurt, canned vegetables, frozen vegetables, and produce. They had a limited supply of frozen pizza and eggs but there was still enough to get something. And I finally found toilet paper! We have enough but have been waiting patiently for an opportunity to add a bit to the pad. They had an endcap of 12 pack Charmin limited to one pack. My fellow shoppers and I bought that up in 20 minutes. They were restocking it with Market Basket brand 8 packs as I left.

Lines were a bit long but only because they instituted 6 foot spacing and left a bunch of endcaps in they way. People were polite but I will say that I had difficulty resisting the urge to slide in front of someone to grab something quick. I had to remind myself to slow down and stay back.

People have been posting lately about how they are spending all of this new down time they have and I’ve got to say I am not in the same boat. It’s true that we did some yard work this weekend but we would have done some if not all of the same work at this time of the season anyway. We usually aren’t that busy and might have had a birthday party but not much else. We work out at home, so nothing is different there and we maybe eat out once a week.

Corona has not freed up a large amount of time for us to fill. We still have the boys to keep busy, a house that needs cleaned more frequently now that we are all home, something to prepare / cook at least three times a day, and dishes that never seem to cease. After a days worth of work / third grade facilitation we are exhausted. So far not finding much extra free time. I’m not saying that to throw shade at anyone who is finding themselves with lots of free time. It’s a statement about our current situation more than anything else. We are relatively boring people who didn’t go out that much prior to all of this, so not much has changed for us in that regard.

We’ll see how that continues throughout the rest of this ordeal.



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  1. Well, as usual it appears you and Sally have a very good handle on your situation and have adapted fairly well to the new changes and challenges! Just remember that things will get back to normal at some point, so just enjoy the additional family time you have together in the current situation! Love you all! Dad


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