Coronapocalypse Day 27

The stamina’s the thing. When this all started it required adjustment and I found myself wanting to go out when I typically wouldn’t just because I knew I shouldn’t. But over time I adjusted to remote learning, working from home, shopping in a different way, and staying in. I even mostly kept my old routine – getting up at the same time, showering, wearing real clothes, doing morning prep, having meals at the same times, exercising at night, and going to bed at normal times. We encourage the boys to do the same.

The routine has been helpful, but now that we’re closing out our fourth week I’m starting  to feel the weight of endurance; that’s where the struggle comes. I’m good at the routine but not at the endurance. Lately I’ve been feeling like I want to slip up. I’m just over it. I want to get up late, I want to sit in my pjs, I don’t want to prep for remote learning, I don’t want to clean the house. Letting any of these go is not bad – others do it and I’m not judging that – it’s just that the routine is important for me. Sitting around in my pjs wouldn’t kill me but eventually letting everything slide would bother me more than being stuck at home.

So I’m getting a little frustrated with the routine but it will pass. It’s the weekend and that’s a great time recharge. I’ll be back to my routine on Monday.

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