This was NOT the End of the Apple Watch Series 3

I made a prediction last week that Apple would stop selling the Apple Watch Series 3 once the Series 7 was introduced. I was wrong. In fact, I was so wrong, that Apple’s decision was the one thing I didn’t even include as an option because I thought it was so unlikely. Yikes.

Quick recap: I predicted that Apple would stop selling the Series 3, drop the price of the SE to $199, drop the Series 6 to $279, and introduce the Series 7 at $399. I was convinced that the Series 3 no longer made sense in the $199 slot because it’s four years old and isn’t as competitive as it once was. What Apple did instead was very simple: it introduced the Series 7 at $399 and left everything else alone – SE at $279 and Series 3 at $199.

I didn’t think Apple would want three different screen generations across its Watch line and that the Series 3’s performance would start to seriously suffer if it stuck around for another year. I thought that the Series 6 would stick around because the Series 7 would include an additional sensor to help differentiate itself, but that didn’t happen. Dropping the Series 6 entirely makes sense in this case since most people probably wouldn’t by the Series 7 just for the screen and a couple minor additions. But the Series 3! I guess it must still sell like hot cakes.

Either way, let me put out my prediction for next year: Apple will drop the Series 3 🙂

4 Replies to “This was NOT the End of the Apple Watch Series 3”

  1. I’m curious if the decision to keep the Series 3 around was partly due to the chip shortage.

    Thoughts being that there was a need to prioritize flagship models, and that prices became a bit more inflexible across the board with the increased costs to manufacture.

    The $199 is appealing as an entry-level, and maybe the current generation couldn’t budge?


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