Horses & Houses

We went to Outer Banks North Carolina a few weeks ago and one of the really cool things we did was a wild horse tour. Wild horses were brought over by Europeans and they are protected in a refuge. We took a tour with a company that drives you out across quite a bit of the beach until you eventually see horses roaming free. It was really cool. We were able to get out and take photos as long as we kept our distance. The horses didn’t mind and went about their business. I brought my D500 and my 150 – 600mm lens to get close-ups at a distance. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Last week we headed over to the Wentworth Coolidge mansion in Portsmouth. It’s been on our list for quite a while. We wandered the grounds and took an almost private tour of the mansion itself. I love colonial homes and the history around them. The mansion was built by the first Royal Governor of NH, who wasn’t very well-liked, especially during the American Revolution. Despite this, Coolidge’s late wife took a visit from George Washington there. The Governor’s Council also meets there once a year.

I took these photos with my venerable D750, which apparently needs its sensor cleaned. I decided to take a single lens, my Tamron 15 – 30mm ultra wide. It was very helpful bringing some extra perspective to my interior shots. The lighting was pretty bright outside, so I merged multiple exposures into HDR images to capture the highlights and the shadows.

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