Photo Updates While Waiting for Nikon

Rumor has it that Nikon has a big announcement planned for April / May. This should finally be the Z8 / Z7 III that was expected at CES in January then CP+ in February and has been rumored to be ready for months waiting for supply chain issues to be worked out. If it hits most of the needs I outlined for my next camera, I’ll be buying one. I’m super excited because I’ve been waiting for this for nearly 2 years and none of the current models have been good enough.

In the meantime, I’ve made some small photography-related updates to this site. I changed the header image for the first time in many years, replacing one of my first D750 images from 2016 with a tulip photo from 2021. I connected my Flickr account to Lightroom, so I can keep the Latest Photos section of the home page actually updated with my latest photos. While doing this, I discovered a new WordPress plugin for Flicker that provides a slideshow view. Now my Portfolio actually shows images instead of just a text link to Flickr. I added a black and white album as well!

The changes are small, but they are something to keep me busy while I wait out Nikon’s latest announcement. There are only so many times I can re-read reviews of Nikon’s current lineup to dream up what improvements their newest cameras will have!

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