Fall in HDR

I had some time today to take some photos of the beautiful trees in our back yard and I thought they would be perfect to make into HDR composites. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and refers to taking multiple exposures of the same image and stitching them together for an effect. Usually you take …

New Images on Front Page

It's been over a year since I added images to the slideshow on the front of my site so I finally decided to add some more. Take a look at the homepage to check them out!

New Photos

I just added new photos to the slideshow at the top of my site. Check them out. As I work through my photos and rate them, my best photos will be displayed on this page.

Editing Photos

I've been on a rampage lately... organizing my photos.  I've been taking photos with a digital SLR since college.  I used to collect them in iPhoto, but I started using Adobe Lightroom last year.  I never really had any sort of organization to my photos - I would just download them into Lightroom and occasionally …

The Dark Side of Flickr

I started using Flickr this weekend.  I was hoping that it could replace my gallery functionality and help show my photos to a larger audience.  I downloaded a WordPress plugin to show my Flickr photos and everything seemed to be working fine.  I uploaded a bunch of albums from my recent vacation (via Aperture) and …