New Photos

More photos!!! This is a very eclectic collection.  Some of the photos are from our trip to Wildcat last weekend to take the Gondola and go down the zip line.  The gondola took us up to the top of the mountain and the mountains in the distance were beautiful. There was a bit of haze and the clouds were just perfect.

The second grouping is of a flower that planted itself in one of Sally’s unused pots in her rock garden.  We didn’t really do anything to it but it slowly grew and then bloomed.  A beautiful flower.  My favorite picture is the one with the spider web and water droplets.  I took that with my 18 – 200 mm lens on a whim.  It was literally the only shot I took of the flower that day as I was walking by.  It came out perfect.

The last set is from the night excursion that I went on with Sally and Lynn in downtown Dover.  I wanted to focus on catching the lights of moving cars and buildings, but also caught a good picture of the water next to Ear Craft. The crazy abstract light pictures towards the end were Lynn’s inspiration. Some of them really came out fantastic.  Most of the night pictures were taken on bulb mode with f8 or f10.  I just held the shutter down for a period of time and waited to see what came out.  That’s the magic of digital: it’s so easy to experiment that you might as well try!

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