My First iPhone App!

I’ve created my first iPhone app!!!  I’ve wanted to get into iPhone programming for a few years now but have never really had a good idea to work on.  I could always create the next flashlight or unit converter, but I wanted to make something that was actually useful to me.  Sally and I play in a co-ed softball league for work and one of the rules is that the batting lineup must alternate male-female.  What our coach does now is print out a spreadsheet with a column of men and a column of women.  We have to keep track of who goes next by alternating the list.  This is pretty easy if there are an equal number of men playing as women.  Since this almost never happens, the tracking is more difficult.

I decided to tackle the problem with an iPhone app.  Version 0.1 is called Players and it allows me to enter our team in, create a lineup, and then track who is next to bat.  It’s a pretty simple app that took about two weeks to put together.  I bought iPhone Programming – The Big Nerd Ranch Guide and started modifying their examples to create the app.  Right now it has about five screens, but I’m working on the next version that will have many more so that it can track games, innings, and scores in addition to player lineups.  It is my new hobby and the reason that I haven’t posted in a bit.  I wanted to show everyone what I’ve been working on, so here it is!!!

And in case you are wondering, no, it is not available in the App Store yet.  I intend to do a lot of work on it throughout the softball season and will release it once it is a bit more feature rich.

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