Players Icon Pack!

When I started work on Players, I decided to focus on functionality over graphics and prettiness.  Now that the app has reached a stable place feature-wise (for now), I’ve had a chance to finally start working on graphics.  I actually did create an icon for version 0.2, but it was horribly crappy and I never actually showed it to anyone.  I’ve toyed around with some ideas for an icon, but since graphic design is not my strong suit, I had to go with something that I could actually accomplish.

The icon to the left is what I came up with.  It’s a home plate (the only softball-related graphic that I can draw at the moment) on top of a green texture (loosely representing grass).  The P is for Players to make the icon easy to recognize.  I added some noise to the home plate for texture and a shine to make it look “cool”.  Now this probably won’t be the permanent icon for Players, but at least it’s something that I can build on.

In addition to an application icon, Players never had icons for its toolbar.  It was just a naked black button with text at the bottom.  That was quickly remedied thanks to Joseph Wain and his free Gliphish icon set.  I was able to easily find icons that represented my toolbar buttons and they look far better than anything that I could come up with.  They’re even free! Thanks Joseph!  The new app and toolbar icons can be seen in action below.

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