Jason Has a New Car!!!

The TSX wins!!! I took it home yesterday.  It isn’t the same TSX that I drove home on Thursday, but it’s a TSX.  It is a 2007 with fewer miles, an automatic transmission, and it’s blue.  But otherwise its the same car.  I finally decided on the automatic because it will be easier when the twins are born.  While I miss the manual and I’m (just barely) bummed about giving up a six speed, I know I what I won’t miss – clutching, stalling, and hills.  The transmission is pretty responsive as it is and it has tiptronic so I can shift it if I want more power.  I think it was a good decision. I still have to de-program myself from driving a standard as I keep slamming the brakes thinking that I still have a clutch.  It won’t take long 🙂

I’m very excited about the car.  It is faster than my tC by about 40 horsepower, has a larger interior, more technology, and leather!  It’s a great upgrade to my tC.  Practical while sporty.  I’m pretty excited!  Check out my new Cars page to learn all about it!

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