The Ten Best Features of My TSX

Shortly after I got my Scion tC I posted a list of my 10 favorite things about the car.  Today I’m going to do the same for my TSX.  I purchased it exactly a week ago today and I’ve become comfortable in it.  Here is my list, in no particular order.

  1. Xenon Headlights – I’ve always had a bit of trouble driving at night.  It seems like there can never be enough light coming out of my headlights.  Xenon headlights help by providing a much brighter and wider beam.  The lights reach out to the sides of the road, illuminating not only the lines but also the signs all around, making it easier to make sure I’m still on the road.  The fog lamps also provide better light than the lamps on my tC.  On the tC the fog lamps were barely noticeable when they were lit; on the TSX they help fill out the lower portion of the road that is missed by the headlights.
  2. Leather – I’ve always wanted leather, and I finally have it!  It’s so nice and smooth!  It is a bit less soft than the leather in the current generation TSX, but it’s still leather and I love it.
  3. Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror – This is one of the greatest things!  It automatically dims when it senses light coming from behind.  It makes highway driving really easy.
  4. Heated Seats –  Besides the headlights, this is the feature that I use the most.  The seats heat up quick and provide a nice feeling on a cold morning.
  5. Acceleration –  With 45 more horsepower than my tC (and only about 250 more pounds in weight), the TSX has better acceleration, even in an automatic.
  6. Automatic Dual Climate Control –  Finally Sally and I can have our own climates in the car!
  7. Four Doors –  The main reason that I got rid of my tC in the first place.  The TSX has plenty of room in the back to fit two car seats and easily get the kids in and out.
  8. Customized Settings –  I’m a techie and I love settings.  My car has settings!  One of my favorite settings is that I can set my key fob to unlock all of the doors at once instead of only the driver door.  That way my passengers don’t have to wait for me to hit the unlock button again and hope that it registers in the car to let them in.  Believe me, it happens.
  9. Trip Computer – I have always wanted a trip computer that tells me how many miles are left in my gas tank, even though I track it manually through my trip odometer.  There is just something about having it give you an estimate that I just love!
  10. Hands Free Bluetooth – How awesome is this?!  I don’t talk on the phone much but I feel like I’m going to start talking more simply because of this feature!  It is so easy to use and works so well.  I can turn up my speakers far louder than my phone would ever go and I don’t have to fiddle in my pocket to get my phone out when someone calls.  It even does a good job of recognizing numbers when I call using my voice!

Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with my TSX.  It has the right level of performance, space, and sophistication to be both a practical replacement for and a lavish upgrade to my venerable Scion tC.

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